Making it modular – vehicle production’s flexible future

Flexibility in automotive assembly is now a competitive advantage. This livestream done at AMS features leaders from automation experts Ewellix and Rockwell and AMS discussing innovations in modular production and how to improve assembly lines at brownfield and greenfield factories.
Volatility and disruption in component supply; rapidly changing market demand; the rise of electric vehicle powertrains and increasing model diversity – automotive manufacturing needs to be extremely flexible to cope with fluctuations and uncertainty, as well as ensuring stability and predictability in lean manufacturing. OEMs are achieving this flexibility through multiple changes in their planning and production systems, prioritising vehicles by value or market, redesigning material flows, introducing advanced automation into vehicle assembly, and adapting existing equipment to handle parts across multiple models and product types.

See how Ewellix solutions support more autonomous production flows by creating modular workstations that receive different parts based on priority and availability, allowing maximum use of space and productivity rather than moving all products along the same linear assembly lines.

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